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Tyre Changes and Checks

Tyre Changes and Checks

No matter if you’re searching for ‘tyres Horwich’ or ‘tyre repair Bolton’, your tyres need to be safe no matter where you’re driving. Tyres are the only component separating you and your vehicle from the road beneath, so it is vital that they are well-maintained.
As a Bosch Car Service, we are pleased to reflect Bosch’s trademark enthusiasm for cutting-edge innovation and technology.

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Vredestein Tyres

One of the five reputable brands Apollo owns is Vredestein, who specialise in the production of the most elite, durable and energy-efficient tyres that remain reliable in wet conditions and quiet for optimum comfort during any drive. We also offer a healthy stock of Veredstein tyres to provide you with plenty of choices when it comes to new tyres.

Simply contact us on 01204 478 120 to find out more about the Vredestein tyres are available or how Lostock Motor Works, your local Bosch Car Service Centre, can be you and your vehicle’s perfect answer to ‘tyres Horwich’ or ‘tyres Bolton’ queries.

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Apollo Tyres

We’re proud to offer a range of tyre options from renowned tyre manufacturers Apollo to cater to the needs of every vehicle. Established in 1972, Apollo excel at what they do: making high-performing tyres for all types of vehicle, from cars to campervans. Apollo tyres boast enhanced wet grip, incredible fuel efficiency, excellent traction, aquaplaning resistance and more.

Simply contact us on 01204 478 120 to for more information about the Apollo tyres we offer and how we can be your solution when searching for ‘tyres Horwich’ or ‘Tyre repairs’ in the surrounding areas.

Why Should Tyres Be Checked and/or Replaced?

tyres Horwich, Lostock Motor Works In addition to it being recommended that you check the tyre pressure yourself once a month and it being good practice to swap your tyres from front to back and vice versa, your tyres should be assessed by a qualified car specialist once a year for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect tyre pressure – Having the right tyre pressure is essential for a comfortable journey and strong stability.
      – Too much pressure is dangerous as there is insufficient contact between the tyre and surface of the road.
      – Low tyre pressure leads to increased wear and tear, higher fuel consumption and can even result in the tyre overheating.
      – These types of damage are not always obvious straight away, which is why it is advisable to get them checked by a professional.
  • flat tyre. tyre check, tyre repair HorwichFlat tyres – As soon as you notice a puncture or flat tyre you should replace the tyre. The person conducting the replacement and repairs is held accountable for the outcome, so it is always a good idea to ensure repairs and replacements are carried out by qualified professionals.
  • Minimum Legal Tread Depth – The minimum legal tread depth for passenger car tyres in Europe is 1.6mm. Your tyres will have tread grooves that will display a Tread Wear Indicator. When the tread of the tyre has worn down to reach this indicator, it is recommended that you invest in new tyres that have a tread depth of between 7mm and 9.5mm. This ensures safe driving in wet weather conditions and reduces the risk of skidding.
  • Age – As there are so many factors that influence how tyres age, it is impossible to give an exact age a tyre would reach before needing to be replaced. In general, the older a tyre is the more likely it will need replacing. If the tyre hasn’t reached the minimum tread depth (1.6mm) after six years, it is wise to get it annually checked by a certified professional.
      – Extra consideration should be given to the tyres of trailers and caravans as these tyres carry heavy loads more frequently and will be subject to a faster ageing process and decline.
  • Uneven wear – If your tyres show signs of uneven wear they may also need replacing or at the very least repairing.
      – If the uneven wear is extra visible more on the inside or outside shoulder of the tyre then it may be that the tracking is misaligned or that there is an issue with the car’s suspension.
      – Where the problem is pinpointed and fixed at an early stage, the tyre can be kept. Where the uneven wear is more apparent across the whole circumference of the tread, worn shock absorbers are likely to be responsible.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tyres and would like one of our certified and skilled mechanics to take a look simply contact us on 01204 478 120 for our friendly and efficient tyres Bolton service.

tyres Horwich, Lostock Motor Works The rubber elements that make up a tyre are susceptible to natural ageing and automatically decline thanks to heat, sunlight and rain exposure. However, the AA advises that you should expect to get a minimum of 20,000 miles out of front tyres on a front-wheel car and twice that many miles from the rear tyres.

The lifespan of a tyre varies depending on how often they are used, the speed at which they are driven, the weight they carry, weather conditions and the frequency of tyre pressure checks.

We can’t control weather conditions here at Lostock Motor Works, but we do offer professional tyre checks to remedy the loss of tyre pressure, resolve punctures, right worn tread depths and repair general damage.

Being a Bosch Car Service Centre, our prompt and personal tyre changes, which start from just £19, ensure your tyres enable you to enjoy a safe, stable and smooth drive wherever you travel to. So, if you’re looking for ‘tyres Horwich’ or in the surrounding areas of Bolton, Adlington, Aspull or Westhoughton or searching online for a reliable and local tyre change, check or repair look no further than Lostock Motor Works.

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